Friday, March 17, 2017

February Thoughts from a far

I'm behind in my goal of writing  each month!  February was a a roller coaster of some emotions - Here are  the highlights and low lights  :  My baby turned 30!   It took me a couple months even to say that number  out loud, it just feels so different to me.     I've shared our journey before , so not going to delve deep  again, but this boy  ( er-man) ,turning 30 and reaching a milestone of over 2 years healthy  , is nothing short of a miracle and I am grateful every day.     God is Good!

 I have been in Arizona 10 months now and am starting to feel like  I live here and am not on a vacation.    The possibilities of things to do  is almost overwhelming when you wake up to sunny skies each day.  I am loving the desert !  It's the people from home I miss , of course.      
 That the hard part- being far away  from  "my people".  We recently had a good friend's husband die way to young (50) and so suddenly. It was  a very helpless feeling to  hear about and   " watch " from from a few states away when all you want to do is be able to  go hug your friend whose suffering! person.      You know, I still feel like I'M 30 -    not inching closer to 5-0.    Fun Fact : Did you know that Scottsdale has the most plastic surgeons per capita in the USA? Beauty and Health     & Fitness is a serious business in these parts!     You definitely feel the need to have a healthy lifestyle- one of which I am trying to embrace. When  it gets as hot as it does here ( this week , already 90's  temps) you don't bundle up in sweatshirts and sweaters!     Shorts, tanks and  dresses are the outfits Du jour!

I  am starting to finally make some friends and  learn my way around AZ- we have had some visitors and hope to have a few more come enjoy the glorious weather we are experiencing.  I have been blown away by all the activities that draw people here ;  Car show, sports, concerts,   Golf  and  Spring training to name a    few--- So much to do , so  come visit us  :)    

 I feel like I am meant to be here , in the Land of the Sun and that great adventure awaits!    What I am learning for sure, it that when you feel  good in who you are, when you make your well being a priority- there pretty much isn't anything that you can't do . It took moving away from home to realize  I take " home"  with me.  I don't have to give that love , support and encouragement up  just because I am 1100 miles away.      I carry you all with me- every single day.  February, you are the month of Love , after all- and you did not disappoint!          

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