Sunday, May 14, 2017

For my momma - Happy Mother's Day!

It's my first Mother's Day away from my own mom and of course I  am a mom myself, and away from my own son too- however , Kevin and I have had a few of these a part so for this  blog- I want to write about  my mom- so here it is- A letter to her- someone who really  dislikes to be the focus of any attention- but I am 1100 + miles away, so I am going to take my chances ;)

Everyone  thinks they have the best mom in the world, and I am no different- here are some of the  reasons that I think  my mom , Karen Neuharth is the best!  

1.) She is one of the most Un-Selfish people on the planet-  I can't think of a time in my  life when you have not put mine or Garth's needs above your own- or your grandkids' for that matter. We have ALWAYS came first.    

2.)  You were tough when you had to be, even when you didn't want to be.   You had rules, and we had to follow them.  You had high expectations and pushed us to be achievers and to try our best . When you failed, you loved us anyways  

3. You were a single mom for many years, barely getting by- but Garth and I never knew it at all.  I can look back now and know you most likely didn't eat in order to by us those roller skates from Ben Franklin we had to have :)        

4.  You were and still are , the Safe Harbor in any storm -- even at 48- I know I can always come home.

5. You taught me how to be gracious and kind- and to have manners

6.  You instilled a love of reading and books in me , that has stuck w/ me to this day.

7.   Her keen mother's instinct.  You always knew when we tried to lie or cover something up- to this day you can look at me once or hear  when something is not right in my voice and your first instinct is to make it all better

8.  You became a Grandma in your early thirties and you have  embraced that role  with so much love and pride-- I love the way you love your Grand kids! They are so very lucky!

9. Traditions-- You instilled the importance of family and traditions that  our whole family enjoys! Easter and Christmas morning are some of the most precious memories  I have our family together and it is so cool to see  our next generation  making  your special breakfast when they can't be with us!

10. Thank you for being by my side and holding my hand through the heartbreak of losing Connor , and loving us all when we were so unlovable and hurting- You taught me  how to love and give of myself with my whole heart -even when it hurts .  

Mom- I want you to know that the things you have taught me -   like being a kind, loving person and treating others with care and respect is something that I carry with me every single day.  Even at 48, I want you to be proud of me and know that I am so proud to be YOUR daughter.  Thank you for loving me  in spite of being a emotional teenager ,  for showing me grace when I have made some big mistakes and for lifting me up when I felt like I couldn't make it through some of the valleys of my life.     Thank you for all you do each and every day for our family and the way you take care of us - near and far.      You are my un-sung hero and I am so very grateful God chose you to be my mom and Kevin's GK.          Thank you for  not totally freaking out  when you learned we actually were moving to Arizona- even though I know you don't like it.    Thank you for always giving me the freedom and love to figure my own shit out , but still be there to help me or give advice when I ask.    

Thank you for everything mom- Happy Mother's Day!


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