Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mean Girls

Mean Girls, and I am not talking about the movie with Lindsay Lohan.  In fact, I can't believe at my age I am having to talk about it at all!   Shouldn't we , as women, strive to lift each other up and encourage each other ?   Have I really just taken a step back into 8th grade when I last felt mean girl gossip and pettiness ?!    This week has been the  epitome of mean girl actions and gossip , which started on Monday and has continued to unravel and each new day has uncovered more and more deceit and lies. AND THIS IS IN THE WORK PLACE!     I have never been the constant focus of attack and outright lies until now, I guess I am lucky I  have made it this far unscathed.  In fact, being the center or rather the target of someones ill will  has rattled me to the core- I have had 4 different people come up to me to say they were worried for my safety for crying out loud.   ( NOTE: I AM NOT afraid or feel unsafe, so please don't worry) . I thought that by today , things would have calmed down, but gossip and those who only want to hurt you and your character  must take a lot of persist ant joy in keeping me the center of discussion. I have tried the high road, I even went and talked to one of the person's whom I knew was involved in the mean girl gossip and was assured nothing more would be said and we were good.  Then today rolled around and I found out this mean girl decided to keep on talking and then that person talked too.. Seriously, I can't believe I am this fascinating of a discussion topic . What really baffles me , is I barely know a few of these people and I KNOW my interactions with these people have never been anything but kind.    Gossiping and spreading rumors about me   is one thing , but when what is being said keeps getting twisted and growing into something it never was , with the potential to harm others--  I just have to ask myself what kind of person(s) cares so little about others that they would intentionally cause harm and pain when its none of their freaking business and they don't have all the facts anyways ?!  

I hate that this has happened, but what really shatters me the most is that the events of this week have made  me feel that I can't trust  the new people  I am meeting and that it will change the nature of who I am.   I feel naive and my feelings are hurt by the lies that have been told. To know that people I thought were my friends, well, just are not .      I can find a  little bit of light though, even though I am seeing who the mean girls are, I have found the kind ones too - for that I am grateful.  This experience has just been a reminder to  keep my circle tight and to trust few.  I value more than ever those that have been true ,kind and loving to me. Day in and Day out with my imperfectness.   Those are the keepers, the ones to hold onto.

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